Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 new refashions = my new go to pants!

I had these two matching super-stretch cotton sundresses that i got in walmart last year when i was huuuuggggeee and about to pop miss H out at any moment. I also wore these dresses during my labour (and the pictures from my labour/delivery are the only pics of my in the dresses..so you will not see them :P ) During that time, they got so stretched out and saggy in the boob area that i just could not wear either of them anymore...
I also could not find my camera last night to snap a decent pic.. so once again you get shitty LG flip phone quality (post drowning)...

I had pretty much zero motivation to do anything last night. I've been queen of procrastination lately and my energy level is so bipolar that i can hardly keep up. I had the two dresses in hand ready to cut them both into tons of pieces and make black and purple stripey pants of the same style...but like i said.. NO motivation and that just seemed like a ton of work. So I lied the dress down onto the floor, and placed a pair of baggy,wide leg, bolero-y pants over them and cut a chunk out of the middle.
I cut off the straps, left the tie though, and sewed up the inseam and created my new pair of go-to preggo pants. The comfiest mother truckers i have ever put my tushie into.

As for the other dress, I've been dying to make myself a hooded scarf (or scoodie..i really dont like that name though!) lately. So I did, and i love it!!! You can see the bottom of it with the pockets in the pic above.

Its super comfy, and reversible. I used some random fabric that contrasted the purple from my stash.

I wanted to make one for miss H as well, so i grabbed some more fabric from my stash and then had a light bulb go off in my head! So this morning I got to work and started cutting up tshirts and made a new product for my shop! Kids Upcycled T-shirt Hoodie scarves! They will be available at midnight (PST) tonight. They are the perfect addition to my t-shirt re-factory :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

out of everything i went to town for

i got t-shirts and belts today. There were NO wool sweaters or flannel sheets to be found. I could also not find the RIT dye in walmart anywhere! After 5hours, 3 buses, and a loooootttt of walking with a cranky non-napping toddler who just wanted to run in traffic, i feel very unaccomplished.

especially since i started early in hopes of getting home with enough energy to clean the house and start cutting pattern pieces for bags and hats so they are ready to go.

But no. H. Is napping for another hour, the dishes are getting neglected and Im nursing a headache with my feet up. Hubs should be home around 11 tonight, so the little lady will get to see him for a while before i put her down for a late bedtime.

I'm also kind of hoping this rain keeps up because if it does, then M doesn't have to work, and if he doesnt have to work, I get to keep him home for the day to help me clean and organize the house (which is in desperate need), and drive me around to get a load of groceries (also in desperate need) ...and you know, hang out with his lovable wifey and baby girl:D

Speaking of baby girl...Ok, H looks like a GIRL. Sure she isn't dainty, but please...she has girl written all over her. Now, I'm not a huge girly, princess, pink this-and-that, with fluff and flowers fan. both M and I were pretty diligent on keeping her wardrobe as feminine as possible with a large colour palate. I like browns and greens on girls. H looks amazing in orange and grays. And purple, well that should just be a staple in any wardrobe, male or female. Sure she has some pink too--a dress, t-shirt here and there, some girly shoes (although, even girly BABY shoes are usually more fashionable than practical so she doesnt wear those much). But no matter what I dress her in, PINK OR OTHERWISE she is a "handsome" or "darling" little boy.

Random lady at bus stop: "Oh what a darling little guy you have there! How old is he?"
Me: "SHE is 13 months" takes off her girly green stripy poncho revealing a pink tshirt with ruffly sleeves.
Random Lady: "Wow he's big for his age! What's his name"
Me: Stares blankly..."Yeah she is a big girl! Gonna be tall. Her name is Hallie."
Random Lady: raises an eyebrow..."Hallie??...."
Looks at me like "what kind of name is that for a little boy?!"

Random Lady: "What a sweet little guy you are!"


btw i fixed the comments section so anyone can comment now :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I've been sick, and so very, very exhausted the past couple days.

My 30 day challenge kind of went on vacation! :S sorry! I promise there will be something posted tonight! :)

I've been working on diapers for miss h. the past couple nights. I need need NEED to find some wool sweaters/or just wool fabric (im thinking wool camping blanket that i can felt) to make covers cause her econobum. and Flip brand covers LEAK so incredibly much now. They were fine for the first 9 months.. then they decided to all die at the same time. yay

I've been working on a couple different ideas with regular old flat diapers. I LOVE these diapers. So versatile, easy to clean, last from birth to potty training... *LITTERALLY* not like "one size" prefolds that no longer work for us. Or the one size covers that we got that busted out after a year. And best of all cheap as all hell and easy to make.

I want to get some RIT dye and some more fabric this week, along with wool and make up a couple sets with my new design ideas, to put up on etsy. Maybe by friday? I've seen a lot of people lately looking for cloth diapers for cheap here in town, I could probably make up a tutorial, or even get together with some people that would like to give them a try and teach them how they work.

Another thing I NEED to have up this week.. i'm thinking more like tonight, are my blackberry picking bags. Have you seen the copious amounts of berries that are coming in this year!? Thanks to the warm and rainy weather we have been having this summer we are gonna be eating blackberries till next year :D So Now is the perfect time to start promoting my bags.

They are made from thrifted t-shirts, and fused plastic bags. The plastic insert is removable so you can wash the bag easliy, and both the insert and the bag itself has eyelet drain holes for any extra water or just that might accumulate while picking!

I really think these bags will be a big hit, especially here, with Blackberry Festival just a month away! (Which also means our 1 year wedding anniversary! <3<3)

I'm not really looking forward to tuesday night - wednesday night cause M is going away for a funeral in the city and I'm spending my first night parenting alone. But, on wednesday I'm actually gonna get to town to thrift around (more t-shirts, wool sweaters, flannel sheets, leather belts, fleece, dye, and some wool roving FOR MY DREADS!!! *can you tell im excited? I've only waited to get them for two months now!* btw this is my mental list of what I need to buy :P) It's going to be a rather long day....

anyways, my legs are going numb so im gonna go do...something...if i can convince my snot-bag self that I have the energy!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 day challenge

I have SO SO SO much fabric that needs to be used...not to mention NOTHING on my etsy at the moment. Go figure! ^.^

So, for the next 30 days I will add one(- two) item(s) per night to my etsy for sale. Items will be up by midnight--my usual quitting time.

Tonight, there will be more than one item posted (perhaps 4-5).. but really, who wants to look at an etsy with only one thing on it??

In other news, I am now a Daily Editor on Refashion Co-op!! Exciting! :D Maybe after a few contributions on there I will boost my follower number. Blogging to just one person is kind of depressing...but thanks for the support Kelly!! :)

Here are a few things that will be up for sale in the next couple days:

I'm in love with making these bags! This one was made for my lovely sister-in-law. They are made entirely of recycled fabric and accessories. To be specific, upcycled upholstery fabric. I obtained two giant totes full of upholstery swatches from my aunts last week, and started creating! I'm waiting on photos of this one and the other one I made for my mother-in-law for birthday presents, in action so I can post to my etsy.

These bags are fully lined, have an inside pocket, and can come with your choice of long or short strap. The straps are made from coordinating scrap fabric or vintage belts. This style is my medium sized bag, and is $45. Dimensions and other info will be available on etsy at midnight tonight. By midnight tomorrow, I will have another size available.As always, upcycled t-shirt hats are available in baby, kids and adult sizes, and two (soon to be three) styles. I'm in the process of going over my pricing on items but they range from $12-$15 depending on style and size.

Now how about a refashion? :) This garment will be for sale on etsy tonight as well! (just a but of fine tuning in the fitting to do)
So this ugly is what the dress looked like when I found it in the back of my grandma's closet. It's from the early 80's if not prior.
So i hiked the waist line to the bust, cut it into a deep v-neck, made halter straps and shirred the back for a comfy fit. I also shortened the whole thing about 12" to the knee-ish area.
The bust still needs some finishing touches, but I think she's super sweet. (Judy when did you become Iron Man???)

BTW..that bag hanging in the background of the last picture is another item going to be up at midnight tonight. It's my upcycled t-shirt, berry picking bag, lined with a removable fused plastic insert. There will be a post on this later.

Anyways, trying to type as quietly as possible so i don't wake my baby isnt working so well anymore. Have a nice rainy rainy day!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If my kid would nap...

I would have a better post than this.. and be able to work. I'm pushing for a new item in my shop every day this week.

But alas, this is what you get.



Tuesday, July 5, 2011



I've accumulated a shit load of recycled upholstery fabric and I fell in love! I'm currently working on a line of bags/purses and shoes. The bags will be up on Monday. I'm not ready to post them yet..that must wait till we return from the city :) I'm hoping to get at least one pattern for shoes made this week but I'm thinking the shoes might have to wait another week.

So, since receiving orders for certain things, and sitting down and working with my current product list, I've found that there are some things I just don't have the motivation to make. Because of this lack of motivation, I don't feel like I can happily sell these products so they will be removed.. and eventually I will make a tutorial for them.

Tomorrow, my mother and I are organizing my favorite thrift shop: My Grandmother's Closet! I'm quite excited as gramma has an abundance of clothing (vintage and not-so-much) that has been around for quite sometime, that has needed to be gone through for about as long! So she gets a closet re-haul and mom and I get to find treasures! :D So, there will be many more refashions to come, as well as more items to my shop. Yay!

Anyways, I'm up later than I would like to be.
Night all!

PS...By the way, if you are reading this, be sure to Follow my blog by clicking the button in the "loyal minions" section on the right hand side!
Cheers! :)