who is e.?

I'm E.. I'm a young, crazy, mixed up, pierced, tattooed, wife & mama. I design alternative gowns & dresses...as well as other random articles of clothing, baby stuff, and craft my little heart out, while still being as eco-friendly as i can be...

I'm a mama to the most amazing little lady, H. Who just turned 1! And I have another lil bean on the way (which we think is a little mister..but that will be determined later) due November 13th.

I'm married to my incredible Hubsy, M. He runs a lawn care company, and is also a body piercer at the local tattoo shop here in town, Ink Fected Tattoo and Piercing.

I'm cheap as all hell, which makes me an incredible do-it-yourself-er. I make everything from diapers, to toothpaste, household cleaning products to TP! Needless to say, money is tight, and this is my way of pitching in for being a stay/work at home mama :) I think Hubz appreciates it.