Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 new refashions = my new go to pants!

I had these two matching super-stretch cotton sundresses that i got in walmart last year when i was huuuuggggeee and about to pop miss H out at any moment. I also wore these dresses during my labour (and the pictures from my labour/delivery are the only pics of my in the dresses..so you will not see them :P ) During that time, they got so stretched out and saggy in the boob area that i just could not wear either of them anymore...
I also could not find my camera last night to snap a decent pic.. so once again you get shitty LG flip phone quality (post drowning)...

I had pretty much zero motivation to do anything last night. I've been queen of procrastination lately and my energy level is so bipolar that i can hardly keep up. I had the two dresses in hand ready to cut them both into tons of pieces and make black and purple stripey pants of the same style...but like i said.. NO motivation and that just seemed like a ton of work. So I lied the dress down onto the floor, and placed a pair of baggy,wide leg, bolero-y pants over them and cut a chunk out of the middle.
I cut off the straps, left the tie though, and sewed up the inseam and created my new pair of go-to preggo pants. The comfiest mother truckers i have ever put my tushie into.

As for the other dress, I've been dying to make myself a hooded scarf (or scoodie..i really dont like that name though!) lately. So I did, and i love it!!! You can see the bottom of it with the pockets in the pic above.

Its super comfy, and reversible. I used some random fabric that contrasted the purple from my stash.

I wanted to make one for miss H as well, so i grabbed some more fabric from my stash and then had a light bulb go off in my head! So this morning I got to work and started cutting up tshirts and made a new product for my shop! Kids Upcycled T-shirt Hoodie scarves! They will be available at midnight (PST) tonight. They are the perfect addition to my t-shirt re-factory :D

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