Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome (or re-welcome) to the Crooked Pocket!

I have been mulling names for my blog and shop over in my head for quite a while now, and "The Crooked Pocket"just seemed fitting.

I have some issues with pockets that I'm working on..either putting them on upside down, on the wrong side of the fabric, or..when I finally think i've got it... it's F#@%ing crooked! And i wont even begin to rant on how much i LOATHE stitch picking...sigh

This is what happens when your only uninterrupted working hours are past 10pm and the only thing on your mind is: "I have to be up in less than 8 hours, because my baby doesn't like to sleep in...". And not being able to drink copious amounts of coffee doesn't help.

Productivity will skyrocket once I squeeze out this baby early November.

Anyways, I finished a bag yesterday that I'm very proud of, and will be finishing another and a few refashion garments to be posted (hopefully) by midnight tonight.

Two new designs that I'm very very excited to share. (I'm holding myself back from keeping it for myself! :] ).
The first (and finished) bag is a new design for my bags. It's a messenger style bag (as opposed to my Vertical hip bag, this one is horizontal) and would make the perfect diaper bag or school bag! When testing it out I packed it full of books, as well as my netbook laptop (although this could fit up to 15" laptop) and it was great!

As always, this bag is made from recycled/re-purposed materials (upholstery and drapery swatches). My bags probably wont be made with vintage belts anymore (at least not the larger bags), so the strap on this one is made from gorgeous green striped drapery fabric.

Anyways, H. is up...

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