Sunday, August 14, 2011

finally all moved in

I love our new place! :D Im quite happy there, and the cats and hubs and my lil lady are all happy there too!

We don't have internet yet, or an accessible wireless signal, so I am going to be quiet for a bit. But i will be working!

I went through all my bag fabric, and clothing to refashion and put together (potentially) almost 2 grand worth of merchandise for my shop, and only a week or two worth of work.

Unfortunately, getting things together to be able to sell at markets didn't work this summer, but I will be contacting someone about the night/winter markets to try and get on with that.

In other news, I'm 27 weeks pregnant today, feeling huge and uncomfortable as the baby is still sitting super low causing a lot of pelvic pain. On top of that, my back (where I had the epidural during labour with H. ) still hurts/tingles, which is what I'm assuming is also causing the sciatic pain in my legs.

Now, if only my doctor wasn't such a tool.

I have my next appointment on wednesday, and there is a lot to discuss.

There is a lady at my grandmas church who is suffering from leukemia, and they believe is running out of time if they dont find a compatible donor for her, or if she gets bumped to the top of the list for this new cordblood/stem cell treatment, that may very well let her live for a long time. I'm not sure of all the details of this whole situation yet, (i'm going to be talking with her soon) But since there is such a long waiting list for the banked cord blood, I offered to donate our baby's cord blood to her. I will only donate however if I make sure its going specifically to her. I dont want my baby's blood sitting in some bank waiting to be distributed to someone i dont know, while this friend of my family is dying because i couldnt give it to her. I would feel better about helping her if i can. If not, then the blood will stay with my baby, and we will wait till the cord stops pulsating before its cut, just like we did with H. for the benefits it has for baby.

If this goes through though, this blog may have a new segment :)

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