Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i have a feeling

this blog is going to slowly turn into a flood blog with all the things I want to try this fall/winter.

This weekend is folkfest so we're going to that all day on saturday. Then on sunday we're picking fruit in the morning, then heading to a birthday lunch for my mom, then to a birthday dinner for my mom on the other side of the family.

But the fruit... Oh the fruit! I'm quite excited!
Jams! Juices! Chips! ...drool...

I'm going to be canning a lot of it, and dehydrating a lot too :) My plan really is to stock our cupboards for the winter, to make life a little bit easier.

Winters are always tough around here. Jobs, no matter what you do, really, are seasonal. Hubs, is most definitely no exception. He'll get a bit of work here and there, and we do plan on working the market all winter with our products. But with a new baby, the first little bit is going to be interesting. Might as well have as much food as we can preserved and stored and easily cooked.

I really need to invest in a good dehydrator...I'm going to be borrowing one for the time being, but I would rather always have one on hand so I can dry when I need to.

I really really hate wasted food, and sometimes, freezing everything just doesn't cut it.

So, other than dehydrating fruit and vegetables for munching, I also want to try other recipes too. Whole meals, etc. Would be great practice for when we start taking our family on long camping trips/hikes.

Other foodie news: We going gluten free...and man oh man is it tough! I've tried gluten free pancakes from scratch, and bread...and neither worked properly. (Note: I also need to invest in a really good food processor that will crack (and powder) grains...mine does everything but...) I have a major problem with spending money on something I can make at home. *note here why this is probably going to be turning into more of a food blog*. I make laundry soap, and toothpaste, and other bread (though, I need a bread maker to do this more often...Ugh! for needing to spend a ton of mulah up front to save spending more in the long run in store...), now I'm starting to make our own gluten free flour (so far, rice and coconut), so i can keep my family fed (going gluten free for H. & M.) with out having to spend 5$ on one loaf of bread.

Then there is the whole trying to eat as organic, local, and healthy as possible without breaking our measly budget. So far, we've done ok. We hardly ever buy crap food, we almost always bake our goodies ourselves (unless of course im craving something or were just feeling hot and lazy), meat is barely ever seen in our kitchen, and if I cook/bake something, I usually end up making it completely vegan, and most of the time sugar free. (I dont like touching/cooking meat. I hate eggs in baked goods..although in a sandwich or in fried rice its delectable.. and our milk is usually just used for drinking..cause between toddler and husband we go through quite a bit!)

AAANNNYYWAYS....ive been on this computer for far too long, and it's already hot as balls in my apartment so im gonna go sit outside with some blueberries till hubs gets home :) ttfn

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